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Smart combinations of insurance services and products at competitive pricing for companies, self-employed and individuals


Optimizing your "risk and insurance management"

The role of Agallis herein evolved into a role of consultant in managing calculated risks for clients who desire to integrate a global risk and insurance management in their  
Agallis offers a range of customized solutions and advices  for your residual risks in all objectivity and this approach consists into three phases ie

A. Inventory phase: Agallis identifies and map your transferable risks

B. Analystic phase: ie specific insurance audits and loss analysis and if necessary    feasibility studies for alternative risk financing (Captive, Finite, etc ...).

C. Implementation phase: this negotiates and advises on market Agallis ask around and  
underwriting tasks such as drafting the policies and of a claims procedure.

In this Agallis SA also performs specific tasks on demand from its customers to achieve a coherent risk management and optimal insurance as indispensable for a comprehensive quality always based on the methodology of risk management.

Contact Risk and Insurance Management +32 2 775 34 08 or +32 477 38 88 29 +32 2 775 34 70