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Conclicts of interest

The insurers need to identify conflicts of interest and describe situations that constitute or may give rise to a significant risk of harming the interests of one or more insureds
The insurers must assess the risk of conflicts between the interests of the insured , their own interests and the interests of their employees . In the first phase in that assessment this may be based on the general situations listed within the applicable regulations. Thereafter such assessments should be extended in the light of the specific circumstances of the relevant departments and Group activities of the company.
The list of potential conflicts of interest must be integrated into a broader approach to the management of conflicts of interest .

Agallis , general and in relation to its shareholder AG Insurance

Agallis is a 100 % subsidiary of the insurer AG Insurance , which , however, has no effect on her assignemebt as an insurance broker . Agallis communicates this reality in all transparency in all correspondence .

Agallis is working with a very large number of insurance insurers but has consciously made the choice to cooperate more actively with a number of preferred partners The purpose of this is to optimize the management in general and more specifically by broadening the opportunity to serve through strong partnerships the interests and needs of the insureds :

  • For BOAR : AGI , AXA , Amlin , Allianz , Ethias and Hiscox .
  • For life : AGI , ZA , AXA , Cardif , Allianz and Delta Lloyd .
  • For EB : AGI , Delta Lloyd and AXA .
  • Other : DAS , ARAG , EUROMEX DKV , Europe , Europ Assistance , Delta Lloyd and Chartis

For the private market and for small and medium enterprises, AG Insurance is our main partner. This choice is determined by the quality of the products on the one hand, and the efficient processes and tools that insurers provide to us and our insureds on the other hand.

We can assure our insureds that there is no way interference exists from AG Insurance in the commercial policy of Agallis nor in making the choices through which insurers we offer insurance products to our insureds.

Agallis and its employees are not in any specific way influenced in the choice of insurance products from the shareholder to put forward in the commercial offer and the relationship of Agallis to the shareholder is not different from the relationship with other insurance insurers .

Our advice

Issuing opinions to specific insurance products and to offer to its insureds late Agallis mainly inspired by the following parameters , whether or not in combination with each other depending on the weight that concretely given in each specific question:

  • The real needs and desires of the insureds : depend on these some insurers are more or less specialized in certain insurance solutions . ( needs analysis of needs ! )
  • Agallis will make advance a risk analysis for the insured based on the description of the activities in order to be able to give what the key risks are that need to be hedged absolutely rand what 's less are less important.
  • The quality of the services provided by insurers in various areas , but mainly in the context of the claims management help determine the extent to which we will recommend the products of insurers. The occurrence of damage and the method of treatment by insurers are for Agallis the moment of truth as to whether or not issuing qualitatively opinions on same insurers.
  • The quality of the products offered and in particular the range of safeguards which contracts may or may not provide in the context of a possible loss . This quality is well reflected in the analysis of the general and specific conditions of the policy wordings.
  • The insurance pricings of guarantees without losing the quality out of view. In this sense, the "market survey " is a daily working tool for Agallis . Important are the specific equations for similar offers. In any case, the price is never the only criterion that affects Agallis her advice.


the remuneration

In determining the remuneration of its employees Agallis is in no way taking into account the extent to which employees recommend certain products or insurers with the compensation that would be connected to it for Agallis.

Only a limited number of employees at Agallis has commercial objectives which in no way are determined by the fees granted by insurers and the salary portion which is connected to achieve these goals remains relatively limited . The objectives are in general terms elaborated with the aim of a certain growth and profitability pursue for Agallis’ insurance portefolioinsuren but are only a relatively small part of the evaluation criteria of the sales employees.

Agallis consciously does not participate, since many years yet, to incentive programs that may be organsed by insurers focused on specific production, and therefore does not participate in international seminars. In no way our advices can thus be influenced.

Seminars and training sessions organized by insurers in the context of the mandatory continuing education or possibly at the launch of new products in order to maintain or aquire  the necessary knowledge.

In general, the employees who are in contact with the insureds, and even the sales employees of Agallis are unaware of financial cooperation modalities that insurers have agreed with Agallis, more specicaly on the fees Agallis receives for its mediation . Agallis’ employees may therefore not in any way be affected in the issuing of opinions to insureds.
The usual fees for brokers in the sale of insurance products are also so standardized and comparable between insurers that they play no significant role in the choice of the product or the insurer .

The claims management

Agallis organizes the management of claims in a separate legal entity with its own internal  lawyers, apart from the commercial entities so that there is a clear separation between the commercial interests of the company and the representing of the best interests of the insured in the occurrence of a damage.
However the entities in contact with the insureds will intervene at the starting or opening of the claim files and conduct the initial correspondence with the insureds so that they keep well informed and can always be fed back in respect of the best safeguards for their actual and future best insurable interests.

Agallis pursues a high level quality management where insured best interests are central in the context of obtaining the best possible compensation in deciding whether the insurer’s proposal is to be accepted by the insured. If needed Agallis will evaluate and counter the insurers refusal to intervene in a damage assessment including all legal issues and , if necessary, challenge the decision by other interpretations or arguments , regardless of the commercial relationship with the insurer.

Some insurers will base their fees for brokers taking into account the balance of the premium volumes and the damage payout on the overall portfolio of the broker with that insurers. The employees of Agallis is not informed and therefore can not possibly be influenced in their claims management attitude.

If a dammage occurs involving two insureds from Agallis, Agallis is committed to notify this conflict of interest to both insureds. Both insureds will be managed by a different employee Agallis and if necessary an impartial external expert will be appointed by Agallis.
Agallis receives no remuneration from insurers’experts or private experts for their designation .
As for as the payment of dammage compensations within the brokerage is concerned, Agallis instructs always insurers to pay directly to the insured so that no differences can occur between the agreed insured’s compensation and the payments recovered from the insurer.

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