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Policy in respect of remunerations received

In our capacity as insurance broker our office in relation to the insurance companies receives  a basic remuneration for the acquiring and managing of the contracts according to their standard remuneration scale.



You can consult the most common remuneration scales by branch on our website.



In addition to this basic remuneration our office can receive additional remunerations. The premiums on contracts can be included in the calculation basis of a collaboration remuneration by which the insurance company compensates the degree of activity of our office. Higher activity in the products of an insurance company increases the efficiency of the service provided to the client for such products. This remuneration may vary depending on the volume of production of our office for this insurance company, according to the annual growth in new production, and to a limited extent also depending on the quality of the portfolio (sufficient premium collection for the damage pay out  to be expected).



In the life insurance domain our office receives in addition to the basic remuneration a remuneration for new business and increased reserves, which may be applied depending on different criteria such as the size of the premium, the duration and the type of the contracts. . .  . In case of loss of this new business or non-payment of the premium the remuneration and fees received may be fully or partially recovered by the insurance company.



Finally, we receive a remuneration concerning the portfolio of financial products (Branch 21,23,26) we have under management. This fee is expressed as a percentage of the outstanding invested amount and depends on the type of investment, the total outstanding amount with the insurance company and the new production.



For the sake of completeness we notify (a ) limited administrative fee (s) which is (are) not connected to  any particular domain: the "AS2" fee. As a broker, we can, in a by insurance companies secured environment and under certain conditions produce our contracts ourselves. For this we receive a limited remuneration.



(*) AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a reliable B2B communication protocol to transport and archive data securely over the Internet



Our office has in the course of the calendar year in which the contracts are signed, no exact quantified information about these additional fees. During the last full year representing the additional remuneration obtained by our office is average 3 % on the turn over.



These remuneration are all paid for extra services rendered by our office for clients and for insurance companies including policy and claims management, premium collection and promotion. These benefits allow our agency to continue to guarantee optimal and professional services to our clients both for endorsing the contracts and for the follow up of client’s insurance situation, and not at least the proximity and assistance in case of damage. To do so we invest on a permanent basis in qualified personnel, ongoing training of our staff, high-performance computer systems and overall in the quality of the organization of our office.




Our office ensures that the above mentioned remunerations in no case give rise to acting differently other than in client’s interest. This means that our office when advising a particular insurance product always gives priority to client’s needs by proposing the most suitable product that matches this.



At your request via e-mail  our office will provide you with additional information about our compensation policy and the remuneration that we receive regarding the contract offered.





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